Core4™ Prospect Conversion

Core4™ Prospect Conversion Stack

Core4™ Prospect Conversion Stack

The Core4™ Prospect Conversion Stack is the last step in your conversion pipeline and in the last step of the stack, your prospects are converted to credit-card paying clients.

The Core4™ Prospect Conversion Stack includes: 

  • Messenger And Chat Conversion;
  • Client Control Conversion;
  • Masterclass Conversion; and
  • MatchMaker And TeleDoc Calls.
Messenger And Chat Conversion

With our Messenger And Chat Conversion methodology, we move prospects from casual chat conversations to a booked call. This could either be the MatchMAKER Call or the TeleDOC Call. (see below).

Our complete Messenger And Chat Conversion system, along with our step-by-step instructions and scripts ensures that a reliable and workable system is in place to convert chat and messenger prospects into clients. 

We want you to utilize and manage your Messenger And Chat Conversion system to grow and scale your business with a predictable, scalable and client-getting framework.

Client Control Conversion

Creating an online event is at the core of our Client Control Conversion system. 

Just like those famous late-night informercials, we use show-and-tell to teach the four valuable methods and outcomes of your program.  We provide your best, valuable Free content during the show and tell event. It’s our goal to get people excited and hungry (and indoctrinated) for more of the good stuff in the rest of your program

After the system has been installed, you will see how flawless it works to fill your call calendar.  We have moved another prospect thru our 4-step process: From attending the virtual event, to a TeleDOC call (see below).

Masterclass Conversion

Masterclass Conversion is a powerful tools to promote your coaching program online. 

With our Masterclass System, we are going to install your evergreen master class that teaches, sells, and converts prospects 24/7.

Your master class, not only provides exceptional value to attendees, but it builds trust, authority and credibility like nothing else.

Your master class also serves as a perpetual tool to establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche, making it easier for your to convert prospects into clients.

MatchMAKER And TeleDOC Calls

The MatchMAKER and TeleDOC calls are the last two conversion opportunities in your sales pipeline.

Think about it: You spent all your time, effort and resources to get your prospect to these two final steps. You are just about at the finish line, and you don’t want to blow it now.

The first call we schedule with prospective clients, is called the 15-Minute MatchMAKER call.. During this call we find out if the prospect is a good fit. If the prospect pans out, we invite them on a second date (the next TeleDOC call). The TeleDOC Call is our 45-minute closing call.

We’ll set up your call system within 5days,  provide you with all the scripts, and we will even train you and your team (thru role-play) how to master the scripts and enroll the prospects into your program.

Most coaches have a difficult time at converting prospects to clients.
A simple, strategic change in your offer or your messaging, could dramatically increase your conversion metrics.
The ultimate success and failure in your prospect conversion pipeline, is how good you or your team are with your MatchMAKER and TeleDOC calls! We are ready to install your MatchMAKER And TeleDOC Call system.