Core4™ Get-Clients Accelerator

Core4™ Get-Clients Accelerator Stack

Core4™ Get-Clients Accelerator Stack

The Core4™ Get-Clients Accelerator Stack fast-tracks you coaching or online course to establish automation, crystalize your offer, showcase your expertise and authority and to build your group. It sets you up on a path of accelerated success and to build upon the three main pillars in the Core4™ framework. 

The Core4™ Get-Clients Accelerator Stack includes: 

  • Get-Clients Automation Accelerator; 
  • Get-Clients Offer Optimizer;
  • Get-Clients Expert Authority Accelerator; and
  • Get-Clients Grow-Your Group Accelerator
Get-Clients Automation Accelerator

Most coaches have a hard time installing Client Attraction, Lead Flow, Prospect Conversion and Client Sales systems. They end up trying to do it all manually, but end up feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

When we install your Get-Clients Automation Accelerator, your entire coaching lead and prospect pipeline will run on auto-pilot. We will also install a number of software programs that will link it all together in a seamless, perpetual client-getting machine.

The result is less stress while focusing on other marketing and scaling areas of your business.

Get-Clients Offer Optimizer

Our Godfather Get-Clients Offer Optimizer starts with the design and crafting of an offer-stack they simply can’t refuse.

Although many coaches have a hard time creating an irresistible offer, we have developed a winning 15-Step Our Godfather Get-Clients Offer Optimizer that make prospects want to sign-up for your program.

After we install Get-Clients Offer Optimizer you will see your calendar fill up daily. And with a full calendar, you will have more matchmaker calls, more closing calls and more client sign-ups.

Get-Clients Expert Authority Accelerator

Most coaches, especially new coaches, suffer from the no-authority and non-expert syndrome. 

We solve this problem fast by imploding time and accelerating your presence, authority and expertise over multiple channels. 

We craft and embed your story in an Authority website, Authority articles, and optimizing your Social Media platforms.

Let’s face it, most clients will search for you by name, and when they do, your authority assets will not disappoint. 

Get-Clients Grow-Your Group Accelerator

Your audience impact and reach acceleration continues by launching and building your group or community – A vital component to establish authority and trust in the marketplace. 

We begin by launching and optimizing your group, with our 27-Point Group-Launch And Optimization Framework.  We design the the foundation for group growth and engagement with some of the ingredients in our confidential group-growing sauce!

By using our CCC Group Strategy
, you will see a accelerated growth in your group numbers. This directly results in more leads, more prospects and eventually more sales.


If you are struggling to accelerate the launch and growth of your coaching business, the Core4™ Get-Clients Accelerator Stack is perfect fit for your. We would love to discuss your current status and how we can install the 
Core4™ Get-Clients Accelerator Stack to help you grow and scale your business.