Core4™ Client Attraction

Core4™ Client Attraction Stack

Core4™ Client Attraction Stack

As a coach or course creator, The Core4™ Client Attraction Stack solves your problem and frustration of not having enough leads. Constant, daily lead flow is the lifeline of your business. 

When, we install The Core4™ Client Attraction Stack, you will have a steady flow of hot new leads everyday and you will be equipped to move those leads further down your sales pipeline as qualified prospects.

The Core4™ Clients Attraction Stack includes: 

  • Magnetic Trifecta Client Attraction;
  • Hyper-Attraction Audience Accelerator;
  • Lead Attraction Pipeline; and
  • Chat Control Client Attraction,
Magnetic Trifecta Client Attraction

Your lead magnet is one of those valuable assets that you provide prospects who are just entering your sales funnel. But, we have found that most lead magnets  are extremely poorly designed and conversion rates are low.

We have overcome those constraints by designing and installing your lead magnet using our 7-Step formula.

With our lead magnet Magnetic Trifecta Client attraction formula, you will see higher optin rates, more subscribers to your email list, and more prospects in your sales funnel.

Hyper-Attraction Audience Accelerator

Stuck with no audience, and no leads? With our Hyper-Attraction Audience Accelerator, we amplify your audience growth and new lead flow in less that 30-Days!   

We use 14 killer organic and paid strategies (starting with only $5 a day) to grow your audience, grow your group and grow your influence. With our Hyper-Attraction Audience Accelerator  you will be able to connect with 30 to 40 new prospects every day.  

It is at this point that conversations happen and those connections are converted into prospects and ultimately into clients.


Lead Attraction Pipeline

Lead flow is the lifeline of any growing and successful coaching business. Without a daily flow of hot new leads, your coaching business can not grow or scale. 

When we install the Lead And Client Attraction Pipeline, you will have an on-demand lead flow system that you can turn on and off as needed.

Our Lead And Client Attraction Pipeline will be set up within 3-days.  We will do the initial design and programming, and after we hand it over to you, you can run it by yourself or a dedicated team member or VA can be tasked or hired for this integral part of your marketing pipeline.

Chat Control Client Attraction

Selling by chat and messenger is all about conversation and qualifying prospects whether they are good fit for your program.
In fact, many of our coaches sell their programs only using chat.  

Chat and messenger has become a core component in the prospect to client pipeline of many of our clients.

Selling by chat, is a super easy 4-step process:

We teach all our Chat Control Client Attraction clients how to apply it religiously, and to view it as another essential (but easy to implement) funnel in their businesses.

Do you need a new client attraction strategy to totally transform your coaching business from zero leads
to a steady flow of daily leads? We can do it organically, with paid ads or with both!