The CB-DARTT™ Coaching
Design And Delivery Framework

We use our proprietary and trademarked  CB-DARTT™ Program Design And Delivery Framework
to design and deliver bespoke, fully immersive and transformational coaching programs and online courses.

The CB-DARTT™ Coaching Design And Delivery Framework

CB-DARTT™ Program Design And Delivery Stack

The CB-DARTT™ Program Design And Delivery Stack is our proprietary and trademarked method by which we design your actual coaching program or course and by which we design your coaching delivery method.

The CB-DARTT™ Program Design And Delivery Stack includes:

  • CB-DARTT™ Outcome And Transformation; 
  • CB-DARTT™ MVP Design;
  • CB-DARTT™ MVP Launch; and
  • CB-DARTT™ Coaching Delivery.
CB-DARTT™ Outcome And Transformation Outline

A great coaching program starts with three core principles: 1. The Problem; 2. The Method; and 3. The Transformational Promise.

By using the CB-DARTT™ Framework, we start by plotting the storyboard of your program. We begin at the end,  or future transformation promise of your program. We then work backwards to create the perfect storyboard of your coaching program.

By using this approach, and the CB-DARTT™ Framework, you will have the confidence that you have a coaching program that delivers results.  You will also have the confidence that you are presenting a program that is life changing and transformational for your clients.


Don’t spend all your time and resources creating a program your target niche market do not want. There is a better way:

Let’s begin by creating your Minimum Viable Program (MVP) using the CB-DARTT™ Framework. We can create your MVP within a couple of days. 

We then launch your program to members of your group at a discounted rate.  We gather feedback from the launch group to build out the rest of your program.  

We continue to do this until we have your complete CB-DARTT™ Program.


By using two of the systems that we installed in The Core4™ Client-Getting Framework, we will launch your MVP.

Our aim is to get beta testers to enroll in your program without you having to spend money on expensive paid advertising campaigns.

We use a number of feedback surveys to gather data from your beta testers. In return, we will gather valuable insights on how to proceed forward to build out the rest of you program.

At the end of this process you will have a complete, fully transformational  Coaching Program, that you can market and coach with confidence!

CB-DARTT™ Coaching Delivery

After creating and designing all the IP (Intellectual Property), you are ready to deliver your Coaching Program to the world!

Depending on the scope of your coaching program, we will customize and design your coaching delivery method.

Many coaches use one-on-one coaching, while the trend in the coaching industry is group coaching. We will design a framework for both.

The group coaching delivery method is ideally suited if you want to 
rapidly scale your coaching 
business. However, there are a number of coaching niches that are not suitable for group coaching delivery.

Your coaching program or course is what differentiates you from the many other choices in the marketplace. 
We will help you design and deliver a transformational program using our proprietary, trademarked CB-DARTT™ Program Design And Delivery Framework. Client satisfaction, client wins, and client success is our ultimate goal when we design your program.